The Joys of Jezebel


by Tuna

The Joys of Jezebel (1970) is a bit of grindhouse/drive-in sexploitation produced by the kings of that particular hill, partners David F. Friedman and Peter Perry.

Jezebel (Christine Murray) has been killed by throwing her to the dogs. A man and his girlfriend Ruth (Angela Graves) were responsible, and are trying to get Jezebel's sister Rachel (Dixie Donovan) to marry a repulsive foreigner who has a large army to loan.

Meanwhile, on "the other side," Satan wants to bag Jezebel since, after all, everyone on earth did, but she has her mind set on revenge, and plays to Lucifer's personal weaknesses. She promises to deliver a virgin to him if he gives her time for revenge on earth. Having never seen a virgin in hell, he goes for the arrangement.

Jezebel tricks Satan by swapping bodies with Rachel, and sending her to hell. She does promise not to sully the body she borrowed. Thus she looks just like virginal Dixie Donovan as she goes about her revenge on the toad that is to marry Rachel, the jerk who had her condemned, and Ruth. There is, of course, a surprise ending, but the point of the film is not the ending, but the journey, which is filled with wall-to-wall full frontal nudity and mild simulated sex.

Bethel Buckalew is correctly listed as the director at IMDb, but listed among his aliases are Peter Perry and the A.P. Stootsberry. Neither of those listings is correct. Stootsberry is actually the nom de porn of a producing team which consisted of David Friedman and Peter Perry. So you can say that Parry and Stootsberry are the same guy (or at least that Perry is half of Stootsberry), but the guy in question is not Buckalew. Bethel Buckalew, who made several films for the Stootsberry team, then tried one on his own, but was unable to sell it.


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It is not a genre classic like the same team's The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, but it's solid.  It doesn't have the sharp wit of the Zorro film, nor as much acting talent, but it does have much more skin.





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*  this film is part of a double feature DVD with My Tale is Hot.




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4.6 IMDB summary (of 10)




Full frontal and rear nudity from Dixie Donovan, Christine Murray, Angela Graves, Sherise Roland, and various unknowns