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J.D.'s Revenge is the latest in the MGM Soul Cinema series, but is not a typical detective/mobster actioner. Rather, it is an action /horror/thriller. A quiet black law student/taxi driver in 1970's New Orleans becomes possessed by a 1940's mobster named J. D. Walker, who is out to revenge the murder of himself and his sister. 


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Moving in and out of his own personality, He becomes a Jekyll and Hyde character who beats and rapes his girlfriend, Joan Pringle, cuts several people with a razor, and finally exacts his revenge. In the process, he beds Pringle, Alice Jubert and Barbara Tasker. All three women show breasts. There are also breasts from anonymous strippers.

The highlight of this film was the portrayal by Glynn Turman of the law student and the J.D. personality. He separated the two well enough that you never had a doubt as to which he was at any given time. A young Louis Gossett also appeared as a preacher.

It is apparent that the film was made pre woman's movement, and pre political correctness. Not only is there a rape scene, but after Turman  hits his girlfriend for the first time, his best friend tells him that women need, and actually like that, "You have to go into your nigger act once in a while."   

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. Most of the performances were not the greatest, and the script could have been much tighter, but it is entertaining on some levels, and has bad movie appeal. 

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