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Jailbreakers (1994) is a made for TV film starring Shannon Doherty as a bad girl High Schooler who falls for a motorcycle riding petty hood James Dean wannabe. After he is arrested for a robbery and burglary which were half her fault, he is in jail, and her parents are forced to move. He breaks out of jail, finds her, and they head towards Mexico with the police hot on their trail.  


Nudity, none, acting, none. 

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Scoop's notes: 
  • You know who directed this? William Friedkin. Yup, that William Friedkin, the guy who directed The French Connection and The Exorcist. Unbelievable! How could that be? At his apogee, The Exorcist is rated 7.9 at IMDb. At his perigee, Deal of the Century checks in at 4.4. Franklin Schaffner had about the same high-low range. Patton is 8.1, Sphinx is 4.8. 

  • If you believe the movies, the greatest traffic on the Mexico/USA border is toward Mexico. They must really have a problem with illegal U.S. immigrants there, especially escaped prisoners and fleeing felons. 

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