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Jackpot (2001) is a buddy road trip film about a wannabee country singer (Jon Gries) who abandons his wife (Daryl Hannah) and young child, steals her pink New Yorker, and heads off on a tour with his manager (Garrett Morris) to become rich and famous by winning Karaoke contests all across the country. While he is not a terrible singer and wins a few contests, the two are broke and struggling most of the time. Gries is something of a ladies  man, and his wife wants her car back, and child support. 


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The film is a zero budget effort from the Polish brothers, Mark and Michael (Twin Falls Idaho). It has many funny moments, but suffers from pace problems in many of the scenes. The humor is sometimes physical, and even resorts to fart jokes and putting a fly in your food to avoid paying for the meal, but is mostly watchable. Daryl Hannah looked great, and shows a lot of cleavage, as does Crystal Bernard. The closest to exposure is from Camillia Clouse, who is wearing what we used to call "beaver cheaters" (find someone who remembers the 60s and ask them) and a tight top, as she tries to seduce Gries. He starts having second thoughts when she asks him to sign her yearbook, but it is not until she starts blowing on his crotch, thinking that is how to give a blow job, that his conscience gets the better of him. We can see her nipple through the top, and there are several pokies. Mostly though, I just like the cute nightclothes.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. Despite its directing mis-steps, the film is watchable. 

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