Jack Frost 2 (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

No, this isn't a sequel to the cute family picture where Michael Keaton plays a snowman with a soul. This is a sequel to the notorious cheese sandwich which featured a killer mutant snowman inhabited by the soul of a mass murderer.
Wellsir, it turns out that Jack didn't really die forever and ever at the end of the first one. Some scientists messed up, and the ol' Killer Frosty is back again, with some new twists:

1. when they killed him with anti-freeze in the first one, it allowed him to build up an immunity to anti-freeze. (Death will do that. It's a scientific fact.)


Stephanie Chao goes skinny dipping. He breasts are seen throughout her strip and throughout her swim, but her buns are flashed only very briefly, and her pubes are never seen at all.
2. when Jack was liquified in the first one, some of Sheriff Sam's blood fell into the mixture. Now the Sheriff's own DNA is a component of the Snowdude.

3. this time he is capable of producing offspring - he vomits up tiny little snowballs with little eyes and teeth

4. Hoo-boy! Jack also seems to have gained complete control of the weather. For example, he follows Sheriff Sam to a tropical island resort. (It's that dna link!) Instead of melting in the Caribbean sun, Jack has the power to make it snow there. He has only to dip his hand into a pool and it ices over. No doubt about it, all-powerful Jack and his army of little killer snowballs are gonna be tough opponents for Sheriff Sam and Agent Manners.

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Anamorphic 1.85:1. The DVD quality is not exceptional, but there are tons of special features for such a grade-z film. You'd think it was Saving Private Ryan

  • full-length director's commentary

  • behind the scenes documentary

  • interview with the director

  • trailer

  • music video spoof

Warning: spoilers follow.

But ol' Frosty has a kryptonite of his own.

When Sheriff Sam's DNA mixed into Jack's, the killer snowman assimilated the sheriff's allergy to bananas. It seems that the mighty Frostmeister can be defeated with banana daquiris. Conveniently, the humans are on a tropical island, and all is well. They'd have been in some deep doo-doo if the snowman's only weakness was cloudberries. By the time the shipment arrived from Norway, everyone would have been turned into human flavored pudding pops, with a delicious blood coating.

Come to think of it, they could have been used to feed Scotland for years.

I guess you can see that the movie is not meant to be taken seriously. It is a parody of the slasher/gore genre, and the dialogue is intentionally written to be as bad as possible.

I found it pretty much of a waste of time, too repetitious and with very little real wit, even though I enjoy genre parodies, and despite the fact that I thought the first Jack Frost was kinda funny.

But a lot of people liked it. (see ratings below)

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