Island Rhythms


by Tuna

Island Rhythms (2003) is another dual region erotic romance made for the couples market.

Skye Ashton and her husband are living in a tropical Caribbean paradise. (It was actually filmed in Negril, Jamaica.) She is supporting him as a cocktail waitress and dreams of being a photographer. He suggests she reopen an empty hotel, and, as luck would have it, she acquires one free of charge from the government. She enlists her friend, Amber Griebel to work with her in the venture. Fixing it up evidently cost no money, and they soon start accepting guests.

The first guests present challenges:

First, a honeymoon couple arrives, and they are not getting along. In fact, the wife, Nicola Stephenson, is a raving bitch.

The second guest is a single guy with a hidden agenda. He wants to run the place himself, and decides that romancing Amber Griebel is the fastest way to get there.

Negatives: the plot is weak, the sex is tepid, and some of the sex scenes are way too dark.

Positives: this film is mindless but pleasant. The characters are likeable and the entire film is light and cheerful, including the ending.

Our Grade:

If you are not familiar with our grading system, you need to read the explanation, because the grading is not linear. For example, by our definition, a C is solid and a C+ is a VERY good movie. There are very few Bs and As. Based on our descriptive system, this film is a:


Weak story, tepid sex scenes


  • Valérie Pronovost, Skye Ashton, Nicola Stephenson and three unknowns show everything, and Amber Griebel shows breasts and buns.


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2.0 IMDB summary (of 10)



Island Rhythms (2003)

It is very rare, and only available from in a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English with optional Spanish subtitles. Click on the image below for details.