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The Invisible Maniac (1990) is a send-up of invisible man films.
Any send-up, if rated r or nc-17, should have at least two elements. 

First, it should be funny. Sadly, the only humor in this film is accidental. The acting is way over the top, and a film can't gain "bad movie points" if it was intentionally made to be bad. 

The second element is naked women. This, The Invisible Maniac does, and does well. We have no less than 8 women showing breasts, and most of them, buns, including Savannah, Tracy Walker, Gail Lyon, Melissa Ann Moore, Kalie Shellabarger, Stephanie Blake, Debra Lamb and Dana Bently Konkel.  


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Noel Peters plays Kevin Dornwinkle, who, as a child at the beginning of the film, is caught watching a peep show by his mother, who berates him severely, and tells him all women are evil. Cut forward 20 years, and Doctor Dornwinkle is presenting his invisibility formula to a group of scientists, it doesn't work, they laugh and ridicule him, and he goes postal on them. He pleads a twinkie defense, and is placed in a mental home, which he escapes from, and turns up as a new High School physics professor. There, two important things happen. First, he perfects his formula, and second, the students start making fun of him. Invisibility is a real bonus when you are out to strip and kill High School girls, and a female principal who comes on to him. You get the idea. 

It is an early directorial effort from Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City), and probably one he would like to forget. 

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This film is only available in VHS so far.  It didn't help that the quality on this new tape was not good. If the film is ever released on DVD, I will definitely produce an upgrade.

Scoop's comments: 

A film often mentioned as the worst ever made. Rifkin also did "Psycho Cop Returns:.

I forgive him because he did that great sex scene with Hudson Leick in "Denial".

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Based on this description, this film would be an F-, except for the nudity, which is a B+

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