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In Love and War (1996) is a Richard Attenborough film about Ernest Hemingway's first love affair with a red cross nurse several years his senior in WW I Italy. The nurse, Agnes Kurowsky, played by Sandra Bullock, was one of hundreds of young nurses sent to Italy during the last year of the war to make up for the lack of US troops available for the Italian front. An 18 year old Hemingway (Chris O'Donnell) went to drive ambulances and hand out smokes in the canteens. Young Hemingway wanted to be in the action. When he took a backpack full of smokes to the front lines, the foxhole he was in got hit with a mortar. As he was stumbling to safety, he carried a seriously wounded Italian soldier with him, and was shot in the leg. It was in the hospital that he met Agnes (Aggie).
Despite regulations forbidding personal relationships with patients, she found young Hemingway irresistible. The chief surgeon at her hospital found her just as irresistible. She ends up making a series of poor choices. It is said that this failed affair haunted Hemingway his entire life. There is one sex scene, where Bullock has a nip slip, and shows her butt in a very dark scene. 


female: see main commentary

male: Chris O'Donnell showed his butt in that same dark scene

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The story is not without some interest, and Attenborough does his usual workmanlike job with the visuals, but the film has some serious problems to overcome, and doesn't quite make it. 
  • the set-up, just to get Hemingway and Kurowsky in the same room, takes 30 minutes
  • the love affair is only the middle third of the film
  • it was saddled with the dread "Based on a True Story," which, in this case, meant an unhappy ending. 

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  • General consensus: one and a half stars. Ebert 2/4, Berardinelli 2/4, Maltin 0/4, Apollo 56/100.

  • Rotten Tomatoes summary. Not one positive review. 0% positive overall, 0% from the top critics.

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