Inga (1967) from Tuna

Inga (1967) was certainly the most erotic film to date when released in Sweden in 1967, and is regarded by many as one of the most erotic films of all time. Recently widowed Monica Strömmerstedt is living off a small inheritance left her by her late husband, and keeping a much younger man, Casten Lassen. When her sister dies, and her 17 year old niece, Inga (Marie Liljedahl) comes to live with her, an even greater strain is placed on her finances. Thomas Ungewitter, old friend of her husband and notorious letch offers some help.


Medium-core sex film. See the main commentary
He needs a companion on his arm for parties, and a regular sex partner. For this, he is willing to help out with finances. He has Strömmerstedt in mind, but Strömmerstedt hits on the bright idea of giving him Inga.

I hesitate to give away the ending, as it is something of a surprise, and this film is well worth renting, if only for its historical importance. Strömmerstedt shows her buns twice, Liljedahl, in her first of 8 roles in the genre, shows breasts and buns, and a hint of bush through a nightgown, and three unidentified women show breasts. There was a good deal of nostalgia here, with mini-skirts, short-shorts, and a freewheeling sexual attitude.

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Based on this description, I give this a full C+, the highest possible for a soft-X adult film. It is a good bet for couples, and has plenty of plot to go with the sex and nudity.

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