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Inferno (1980) is part 2 of an unfinished trilogy by Dario Argento about a matriarchal triad of "mothers" that combine to form a fourth entity.
In this film, a music student returns to New York from Italy, and tries to locate his sister, who, it seems, lives in a house built for one of the three mothers. The same architect built additional houses in Italy and Germany for the other two. The sister is dead but the body is missing. Before the student leaves Italy, another young girl, a classmate of his played by Eleonora Giorgi, is killed by the Italian version of the house. Before she is killed, she explores a flooded basement, drops her keys, dives in after them, then provides great wet shirt shots. 


wet t-shirts. see the main commentary

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There are probably a few more plot tidbits, but plot isn't the strong point of this film. Like most of Argento's work, the art and set decoration, lighting and camera angles are superb. The music is often overwrought, and everything plays at near slow motion. If you are an Argento fan, you will want to see this. If not, you could survive without seeing it. 

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Based on this description, this film is a C-, as Euro-gore.

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