The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle


by Tuna

Las orgias inconfesables de Emmanuelle, also known as Emmanuelle Exposed, is a Spanish-language film from Jess Franco. He did not make it intending it to be an Emmanuelle film. In fact, the lead character was not even called Emmanuelle in the original sound track, but the producers understood that the word "Emmanuelle" at the time was a secret piece of film jargon that meant "guaranteed to make money."  The renaming of the character did make some sense. It's the story of a classy young French woman who was living in a foreign country with her husband, and wished to be sexually free. When you think about it, the original Emmanuelle film was all about an expatriate wife learning to be sexually free, so Jess actually made more of an Emmanuelle film than he thought.

Emmanuelle (Muriel Montossé) and her husband are very much in love and in lust. In the opening sequence, they make love in public in a wax museum. The problems start when they and a lesbian widow friend (Asunción Calero) go to a disco owned by the nobleman who narrates the story. Carmen Carrión is stripping on stage, and invites the audience to come fondle her. A drunken Emmanuelle takes her up on it, starting a chain of events best called musical beds among Emmanuelle, the stripper, Emmanuelle's husband, the lesbian widow and the nobleman. Even though a lesbian affair and a brutal double rape nearly split the couple up, Emmanuelle remained committed to allowing herself to take pleasure whenever and wherever she felt like it. The film is nearly non-stop nudity and simulated sex.



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It is top-notch genre fare. This is vintage softcore erotica, and would normally deserve a C, but there are several plusses elevating this particular release to a top-of-the-line C+. First, it has never been available in the US before. Second, it is a Jess Franco film, and Jess has a following - including me. Third, it is in the sub-genre of fake Emmanuelle sequels, another collectors niche. Finally, it has lots of lovely nudity presented in great video quality.


The film is mastered from a clean vault copy, and looks very good. You have a choice of an English or Spanish sound track and optional English subtitles. There is also an interview with Jess Franco recorded for this DVD.

The film is currently unavailable, but due to be released for the first time in the US by Severin, and you can order this title from (Click on the image above for info.)


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Muriel Montosse and Asuncion Calero show everything.

Carmen Carrion, the official sexy senior in Franco's films, shows her breasts.