Hunger - Sehnsucht nach Liebe  (1999) from Tuna

Hunger - Sehnsucht nach Liebe (1997), or Hunger, Longing for Love, is a German film about a bulimic woman (Catherine Flemming) and a romance that nearly allowed her to overcome her disorder. She was a successful advertising executive, and most people couldn't guess that she had a problem.


The good news is all three Bs in a shower scene shot from above, and brief breasts in a sex scene from Flemming.
not available in region 1
Other than very explicit scenes of the splurge and purge activities, this was on about the level of a movie of the week. We didn't learn nearly enough about her, or the other major characters, and the entire cast seemed like they only showed up for the paycheck.

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. I admit that I am not wild about disease of the week films, but even defining the genre that narrowly, this was a weak effort.

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