The House by the Cemetery (1981) from Tuna

The House by the Cemetery, or Quella villa accanto al cimitero (1981), lives up to Lucio Fulci's reputation for gore, and exhibits his fetish for showing eyes. The story is very muddled and hard to follow, but is about a professor who goes to continue some historical research started by a colleague who recently committed suicide. He and his family move into a house next to a cemetery, and he discovers that his colleague had been looking into the identity of a Dr. Freudstein, who had supposedly been dead for a long time.
People start disappearing, the family discovers a creepy basement under their house, and a gravestone for Dr. Freudstein in the hall floor, but never for a moment suspect that the good Dr. is still alive and living in the basement, and killing and carving people to sustain his life. 


In the only exposure in the film, Daniela Doria exposes her breasts then dies horribly before the opening credits.

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  • Widescreen, but no features

It is every bit as lame as it sounds, and much of the film -- the part in the basement -- is way too dark. Still, it is a much better film than The Black Cat.  If you are curious about Fulci's work, this is the one to rent.  (Or you can buy a DVD for less than seven dollars!!!)

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  • nominated for best film at Fantasporto in 1983

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