Horror Rises From the Tomb


by Tuna

Horror Rises from the Tomb is a Spanish horror offering written by and starring Paul Naschy.

In medieval France, an evil conjurer (Paul Naschy) and his female vampire companion (Helga Liné) are executed by the inquisition after their depraved activities are revealed by the conjurer's brother (Paul Naschy). Both of them vow revenge, so his head is removed, and the head and body are hidden separately.

Cut to the present day, where a man (Paul Naschy), his best friend, and two women become intrigued by a medium, attend a seance, and try to contact these two ancient miscreants. They then decide to hunt for the medieval remains, which just happen to be at an estate owned by one of the modern characters. They find what they are looking for, find themselves trapped on the estate, and must battle the locals as well as Naschy (ancient conjurer version) and Helga Liné, who create zombies to assist them. Most of the deaths are caused by edged weapons, creating lots of blood.

Naschy was a busy fellow in the early seventies. In addition to writing and playing three roles in this film, he wrote and starred in seven other films in 1973 alone. In his spare time that year he acted in three more films written by others. As you can imagine, it is difficult for a screenwriter to create great scripts when churning out one per month and also working several other jobs. I found this particular one tedious for the most part, redeemed only by plentiful nudity and some good camera work. The DVD treatment, however, is thorough.


Our Grade:

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This DVD is a nice job on a Spanish cinema oddity that will please aficionados, but will certainly not make any new converts to Eurosleaze horrotica.


  • Helga Liné and Betsabé Ruiz do full frontal.

  • Emma Cohen, María José Cantudo and an unknown all show breasts and buns.




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4.8 IMDB summary (of 10)



While the movie is not especially good, the DVD is full of special features, including the non-nude scenes shot for Spanish release, a commentary, and a choice of English audio or Spanish with optional English subtitles.