High Spirits (1988) from Tuna

High Spirits is a PG-13 "Peter O'Toole as lovable suicidal drunk" comedy.


None. The good news is that Tilly, D'Angelo, Hannah and Booth all have pokies, see-throughs and cleavage, with Tilly being the least exposed of the four.
O'Toole is facing foreclosure on his ancestral Irish castle/hotel, and hits upon the scheme of claiming it is haunted to attract tourists. Among the guests are Jennifer Tilly, Steve Guttenberg and wife Beverly D'Angelo (daughter of the man wanting to foreclose on the castle), and Connie Booth, along with her husband and kids. Booth's husband is a parapsychologist. It doesn't take long for him to figure out that O'Toole is using cheap tricks with his staff to give ghost illusions. Then Guttenberg meets ghost Daryl Hannah, and falls in love with her. Seems the castle is chuck full of ghosts, including O'Toole's father, who has a very real relationship with O'Toole's living mother.

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  • The DVD is a beautiful transfer, a huge surprise after weak VHS releases.

  • Full-screen format, and a widescreen anamorphic version (1.85)

If all this sounds silly, the film just gets sillier as it goes along. Call me sick and twisted, by I have always liked this film a lot. Of course it can't be taken seriously, but I am a sucker for O'Toole's drunk act, and am a huge fan of the actresses.  

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  • Hannah was nominated for a worst supporting actress Razzie.

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  • with their dollars: it did $8.6 million in the USA
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Based on this description, sentimental O'Toole comedies are nearly a genre to themselves, and this is a very good example of that genre, so C is the correct grade.

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