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Hidden Agenda (1998) is an espionage thriller that is set in Berlin after the wall fell. Since this one had no surprises for me even not knowing anything about it in advance, I really don't want to write a spoiler, but the plot revolves around a disk that contains names of everyone who informed for the East German Secret police, and everyone is after it.


None. Andrea Roth has good pokies

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The transfer is a grainy, dark and undersaturated 4/3

For me, every plot twist was telegraphed way in advance, and they had a lot of trouble ending it as well. They did create a unique form of torture for a long scene. The victim is strapped in a chair with arms restrained, and devices are attached to his eyelids to force them open. They dilate his pupils, then turn on floodlights to torture him.  There was nothing seriously wrong with the acting, but the plot was just way too obvious.

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