Hell of the Living Dead (1981) from Tuna

Hell of the Living Dead (1981), which IMDB calls Night of the Zombies (2001) is a typical Italian shock gore film directed by Bruno Mattei whom IMDB calls Vincent Dawn. It is considered to be an awful film, yet is a very well made example of the genre. We have lots of ugly zombies, a tropical location, nice interior visuals, tons of graphic cannibalism, and very nice gratuitous nudity from Margrit Evelyn Newton, who shows breasts, both bared and painted and most of her buns. Two plot lines converge. Newton and her photographer are a news team investigating something in New Guinea. A special forces team is sent to get to the bottom of reports that a top secret biological weapon research center has had a problem. Both discover an island crawling with Zombies, and end up reluctant companions.


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Sure, the pace is languid, even for a Zombie film, the characters are not real bright, and the plot line is full of logic errors, but that is appropriate to the genre, which aims to show hideous gore, and a little female flesh. This film does both.

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