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Heart of Stone (2001) is a serial killer/thriller film. There is a ritualistic murder of a co-ed during the opening credits, then we see Angie Everhart preparing a birthday party for her daughter, who is about to start college. After the party, Everhart tries to seduce her own husband, who is frequently away on business. At this point in the film, about 5 minutes in, based on the man's character and the way they introduced him, I figured he must be the killer.

From there, they do their level best to convince the audience that someone else is guilty. A younger man seduces Everhart, then tricks her into lying to give him an alibi for the time of a second ritual killing. He stalks her, we learn that he is a former mental patient, and eventually see him kill several people. Nearing the last five minutes of the film, Everhart's daughter has killed the young man, and I was still convinced that the husband was the serial killer. Sure enough, I was right.


Two women show breasts as victims, Laura Rice, and Madeline Lindley.

Everyone over-acted terribly, which might point to bad direction. The sound was mushy, which is just as well because the dialogue was simply pathetic. For example, "Murder is a 24 hour a day business. "  In short, this is a terrible film.

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Based on this description, this is a D-. As poor as the story is, at least it is coherent, and the photography is adequate if uninspired.

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