Headless Body in Topless Bar (1995) from Tuna

Headless Body in Topless Bar is a story whose title was inspired by an actual 1983 N.Y. Post headline, although the film has only a passing resemblance to the episode summarized by that headline.


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A man holds up a small topless bar. The bartender pulls a shotgun, and the robber kills him. Later he will get his head sawed off, presumably so that the title makes sense.

He then holds everyone in the place captive while he figures out what to do. Captives include stripper Jennifer MacDonald, who is topless and in a thong through most of the film, a corporate attorney who is there to have kinky sex with MacDonald before he catches the last commuter train home, two rowdy friends on their way back from a hockey game, and a guy in a wheelchair with MS. Most of the film is a sort of truth or dare game which the robber forces everyone to play. He has some ability at it because he has been in therapy and counseling in prison most of his life.

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The film has plusses. MacDonald has lovely, all-natural breasts, which she proudly displays early and often. Her previous job was as an international spy, and she is fluent in 6 languages. She hung out in a strip club to prepare for the role, and even worked one night there. The characters are well developed, and the personalities are interesting. On the other hand, 99% of the film takes place in the club, and it is very talky.

I would say that it is a very good example of what it is -- an odd indie made on no budget with relatively obscure talent. I'm sure by now you have decided if it is your kind of film or not.  

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