Harnessing Peacocks (1993) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is a classic woman's romance novel, in convenient British TV-movie format.


Hebe is the beautiful daughter of a rich English couple. When she gets pregnant by a masked stranger at a costume ball in Italy, she is determined to have the baby. Her family casts her out of their lives.


Serena Scott Thomas provides full frontal and rear nudity, standing, in good natural light.

In the course of the next dozen years, she supports herself by cooking for old ladies.

Well, actually, not just that.

To tell you the truth, she makes most of her money by sucking ... um ... I mean harnessing ... peacocks. But she's not a prostitute. Oh, no. She's the mistress of very wealthy, shy men, and she leads them on the correct path to sexual prowess, which then brings out their extreme gratitude. But she's not a hooker. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But she's not a 'tute. Nosiree. She just makes a lot of money by smoking the White Owl ... er ... Peacock, which is very different from prostitution. Her profession is absolutely not prostitution, but rather "peacock harnessing", which is completely legal in England, where they abhor an unharnessed cock of any kind, pea or otherwise.

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  • no widescreen

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  • not available in Region 1

One summer, a mysterious antiques dealer takes an interest in her. He seems to know who she is and about her past. How can that be?

Are you ready for this?

He is the guy from the masked ball in Venice. He's the father of her son. He falls in love with her, they live happily ever after, and his peacock is the only one she will be harnessing.

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Based on this description, this is a C-. It has to be the most boring and predictable thing I've watched in months, but I'm not a member of the target demographic, and I guess it has its audience, as shown in the IMDb summary above. There is one good reason for men to to watch. Find it in the "nudity report". Serena is gorgeous, charming, and very naked in good light.

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