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Hard as Nails (2001) is a direct to vid issued by Roger Corman's New Concord distributing company. It is a crime/action/soft-core, and would be  yet another in the recent crop of pretty good soft-cores except for the transfer, which is grainier than the beach at Hilo. Still, if you sit far enough away from the screen, it is not a bad watch. The film includes Yakuza, ninjas, Russian Mafia, strippers, hookers and cops. With all of  that culture to choose from, it is no wonder that we had Kung Fu, swordplay, gunfights, vodka drinking, screwing, and lots of tits. The tits included Lorissa McComas, Kim Yates, Stella Farentino and a host of anonymous sex therapists. 

You want tits and action, with a plot that is only half stupid, and decent acting, give this one a try.


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Well don't line up for it, but Tuna hit the highlights. It would be an excellent softcore film if it had a good print/transfer. Or, you can think of it as an OK grade-b with an exceptionally large quantity of bare breasts. Either way it's an OK watch for breast fanciers. 

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  • no widescreen 

  • no significant features

If it had no nudity, it would be a pure testosterone grade-b flick with a larger budget than we would normally see in a straight-to-vid flick. It has a lot of action - martial arts, shoot-outs, car chases, explosions, hyper- violence, that kind of stuff. In the middle of it is a convoluted plot about an undercover cop caught between rival crime syndicates, and an innocent young couple that gets caught and killed by the whirlwind of bullets.

Personally, I prefer my breasts to be accompanied by plot rather than bullets, but if you like the combination of sex and violence, this is a reasonably good example except for the poor quality of the transfer. 

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