The Good Humor Man


by Tuna

The Good Humor Man is a drama set in the 70s in middle America. With his best friend, Mt. Rushmore, Nathan Stevens runs with a gang of juvenile delinquents and is kind of their leader. He also plays on the school hockey team, and hence is not totally a loser stoner. He and his friends crash a wedding, and Mt. Rushmore ends up in a fight with a "jock" from the school clique. Meanwhile, Stevens and jockette Cameron Richardson find a mutual attraction. The wedding reception ends when the jock is hospitalized. He later dies. Nathan now has a moral quandary or two. Should he turn in his best friend to the police? Should he continue to get to know Richardson, who's in the rival group?

Cameron Richardson's character dared to date outside her social class. She saw something of value in the young man, and was instrumental in bringing it out, thus presenting a strong role model in a young woman, so the film can be considered chick-flick material, as reflected by the fact that women rate it 1.5 IMDb points higher than men.

It's a solid film. The period details are perfect down to a disco sound track. I don't have anything in common with either of the groups in this film, but did enjoy the two leads. Absent peer pressure, these two slightly rebellious kids did just fine, as is often the case.

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  • Cameron Richardson shows her breasts.


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6.5 IMDB summary (of 10)
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