The Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Brilliant movie. Probably the Schindler's List of mutant killer sheep films. On the all-time list of demented films, it isn't as completely deranged as Greaser's Palace, but it may run a pretty solid second.

I think this published plot summary says it all:

Gaseous vapors from an ancient mine cause the birth of a huge squealing embryo that is taken to the laboratory of a local mad doctor, where it grows into a monstrous 8-foot mutant sheep. Meanwhile, the racist mayor of an historic wild west tourist town attempts to thwart the efforts of a black man buying real estate by attempting to lynch him! Plans go awry, however, when the giant, wool-covered Lamb from Hell escapes from the doctor's lab and starts waddling across the countryside. Spewing an orange phosphorous gas, the semi-prehistoric Godmonster of Indian Flats terrifies the population, blows up a gas station, and even "dances" with a deranged hippie chick until it's lassoed by cowboys. The mayor then startles everyone by putting "the damaged mongoloid beast" on display as "The 8th Wonder of the World!"

You have to love the fact that the movie winds together two completely unrelated plots (the killer sheep, the black guy buying up mining rights). Better than that, though, if you watch the film a second time, you'll see that there are scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with either plot.

In general the film isn't as completely incomprehensible as some of the reviewers say, but there are stretches of it that are truly inspired lunacy. 

  • In the opening scene, they change the background music about five times, completely changing the tone for no reason (oratorio, Western folk music, string quartet, horror violins, etc). All this just to provide background for a guy riding in a truck with some sheep.
  • The final five minutes are the ravings of a complete madman, so jaw-droppingly loony that you'll simply stare at the screen in disbelief. The guy who wrote the summary above didn't even try to describe the denouement. I don't blame him. I'm not going to try either.
  • The monster is  ..... well, here are some pictures .... Note the intense fear he inspires in those kids. "Oh, hi, Mr Mutant Sheep Monster, how's your cousin, the Snuffleupagus?". 

If you've always lived in the company of the sane, and have never really encountered the rantings of a genuine lunatic, you might think about broadening your experiences by watching the films of Frederic Hobbs. They bear no resemblance to anything that might be created by people capable of rational thought. Hobbs wrote and directed this film, which can most charitably be called "non-linear". That's the politically correct way to say "deranged". Hobbs made a few of these sanity-impaired films back in the acid-dropping era, and I suspect that our Mr Hobbs may have dropped more than his share, coming as he did from a San Francisco hippie commune.  


He disappeared from the movie scene after this film, and subsequently pursued a successful career in abstract sculpture, exhibiting works in most of the major museums in the United States. 

I have to say that there is no profession more suited to him than abstract sculpture, in which there is no need to understand such concepts as "one thing coming after another" or "one thing causing another". Jackson Pollock was once asked if his work should be derived from nature. He replied "I am nature", meaning that his work was derived from nothing but his own thoughts. Thank God he never made movies, because all that works fine in abstract art. As an artist, he could be an acclaimed genius. As a filmmaker, he would have been Frederick Hobbs.

DVD info from Amazon.

  • Widescreen anamorphic, 1.78:1

  • various oddball shorts and exploitation art unrelated to the film, plus another movie called "The Girl and the Geek"

Here's what Hobbs wrote in his artist's profile at San Francisco's Ebert Gallery:

"My art eco combines environmental technology, fine art, solar/nomadic architecture, interactive communications with ecologically balanced lifestyle"

All that? Jeez, you'd think solar/nomadic architecture alone would be enough for any man. I wonder where one goes to hire a solar/nomadic architect. I suppose in order to find them, one must keep moving around, since they're nomadic. I guess a desert would be a good place to start, since they have plenty of sun and plenty of nomads.

Are these films satire? Are they low-budget horror? Are they purely the rantings of a demented mind? Are they funny because they intend to be, or are they funny because the writer/director was simply clueless about reality? I don't know. I do know that this guy has either blessed or cursed us with some of the screwiest, most genuinely twisted crap ever filmed 

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Based on this description, there is no description which indicates an appropriate grade which would be low enough for this film. If Hobbs could have risen to a level merely "unappealing" and "inept", it would have required a quantum leap in his capabilities. He was incapable of making a film as good as an "F". Having said that, I also recommend this film heartily. No matter what else you think you have seen, if you ain't seen this, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

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