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God Is Great and I'm Not (2001), or Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite, stars Audrey Tautou (of Amelie fame).

So much for the good news.

Although filmed before Amelie, this film was released about six months after Tautou's famous star-making effort. When God is Great was released in October of 2001, Amelie was still in theaters, still two months from the end of its phenomenal run, and had already been seen by about 15% of the entire French population! In fact, Amelie was the highest-grossing French film in France in 2001, beating out the first chapter of Lord of the Rings, and almost beating even the unassailable Harry Potter.

Rank Name Gross ($Mil)
2 AMELIE 44.454

And so God is Great, a minor film, seemed like a great disappointment to audiences who went to see it because it featured the hottest actress in France at that moment.

As the film opens, Audrey's character is 20, and a successful fashion model, nominally Catholic, has just broken up with her boyfriend and had an abortion, and attempts suicide. Pretty grim stuff for a romantic comedy about her search for enlightenment and true love! After her suicide attempt, she tries Buddhism, but can't stay awake during mediation. She also finds spiritual enlightenment exhausting, then she starts an affair with a non-practicing Jew, who is a veterinarian. Naturally, she becomes obsessed with converting to Judism, which is especially irritating to him, because he is not very religious.


Audrey Tautou gives brief glimpses of her breasts.

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Yawn. If Tautou couldn't stay awake during meditation, how the hell did she make it through a reading of this script?

The problem is not Tautou, or her performance. She was nearly as captivating in this film as she was in Amelie, but the script had neither heart nor soul, and didn't lead to any real truths. She did the best she could with it.

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  • Metacritic.com. 38/100. 38 is not high, but it is miosleadingly high. The HIGHEST score was 50/100. In other words, nobody liked it.

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  • Despite riding on Amelie's coattails, it grossed a weak three million dollars in France, and was shown on a grand total of one screen in the USA, per IMDb.
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Based on this description, well, there is nothing wrong with the technical side, so I will be generous and say D+, but I can't imagine anyone who would enjoy this one.

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