The Girl Who Shagged Me (2004) from Tuna

The Girl Who Shagged Me is a Seduction Cinema spoof shot in London. Although Misty Mundae had top billing, and played two parts, she didn't really have much screen time. She played a secret agent, and also Dr. Hannible Letcher. Yes, the movie was full of homages, including Silence of the Lambs, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and the Honeymooners. Misty does a reasonable English accent as the secret agent, and is hilarious as Dr. Letcher. (I didn't even recognize her.)

The story is about an ancient lesbian (Anoushka) who had been frozen in a cave in the Scottish Highlands, and was freed by some adventurers. Misty Mundae is ordered to stop her after she was stolen by a mad scientist intent on cloning her to supply his sultan. The scientist's assistant, played by Rachel Travers, who also does a porno film within the film, ends up being Anoushka's first conquest. A. J. Kahn appears in a Mundae masturbation fantasy, and also as Ralph Norton in a Honeymooners parody. Sally Huxley also appears in the masturbation fantasy, in the Honeymooners parody, and as Anoushka's mother.

The best line of the movie was from an expert on the ancient lesbian, who says, "Imagine the worst parts of the bible, but with tits."

This is pure silliness, but with lots of body parts. The photography is rather nice, although there were too many boob closeups with no face. This is exactly what you expect from Seduction Cinema - lots of naked lesbians having simulated sex amid decent production values.



The link to the left leads to info about the unrated version. There is also an r-rated version to avoid.

The DVD includes a blooper real, and interviews.


All the women show everything, except Misty Mundae, who doesn't show her buns.

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Based on this description, this is a C. Exactly what you expect from soft-core lesbo porn - lots of attractive naked lesbians having simulated sex amid decent production values.

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