Girl Camp 2004: Lesbian Fleshpots (1995) from Tuna

Girl Camp 2004: Lesbian Fleshpots is yet another Lloyd Simandl masterpiece from his North American Studios facility in Czechoslovakia.

A warehouse full of naked women is held captive by an evil lesbian. She sells them in a live eBay type auction. Women, incidentally, seem to be worth between $10,000 and $35,000 each. We get to see two sets of slaves trained and then auctioned over the course of the film, 6 women in each set. This includes a nude shower scene for each, being fondled by a female jailor, being rubbed all over with oil before the sale, and then being displayed back and front completely nude. Each of these twelve had a character name but none of them got a credit, because none of them had a line.

Lesbian Fleshpots makes maximum use of naked women, and minimum use of plot.

Here is a quick summary, which introduces the three identified actresses. Klara Hlousek (aka Klara Hlouska) is the warden and brains behind the slave training and auction business. Katerina Vrana has infiltrated the operation with the help of her boyfriend George, who hopes to learn all the business secrets, and steal the business. Vrana knows that Hlousek loves money, and lesbian sex. Lucie Haluzik is a slave who needs some re-education to become a good slave. This re-education is done by a female guard using an electrified Freddy Kruger hand, but we are never shown how it is used. We see each possible pairing of the three women in girl/girl sex scenes, a girl/girl/girl sex scene with the three of them, each of them in the bath, and both Haluzik and Vrana bound and tortured, and displayed for auction. There's no need to guess what any of the three look like from any angle.

Czechsploitation has become its own genre, and Lloyd Simandl (I have seen various spellings of his name) is the father of this genre. Although based in Canada, he has created studios in Czechoslovakia, where he can make these films for pennies on the dollar compared to a North American production. His cast is drawn from native nude models, most of whom use a shortened version of their names for their film credits. Most of the women in this film have no lines, and 100% of the dialogue was dubbed.


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  • That is Europe. It is not yet available in Region 1 (north America)

The essence of this genre is naked women and soft core lesbian sex, and this film has all of that. Not all scenes take place in dungeon lighting, so some of the images are decent quality, and a few sets were well decorated. I viewed a Region 2 PAL, and don't think this has come to Region 1 yet, so there are not enough votes at IMDB for a score.

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  • Astoundingly, Roger Ebert has not yet reviewed this. It is probably high on his to-do list. No other critics seem to have weighed in, either.

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Based on this description, this is a C+. Given the genre of Czechsploitation - basically nudie films - this must be a C+. If you like the genre, this is your Casablanca.

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