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Here's another tip for you movie-making youngsters.

Do you want to make a good movie? I advise against werewolves, vampires, and zombies. Francis Ford Coppola has made some of the best movies in history, yet he couldn't make a good vampire flick. So if Coppola couldn't do it, what are your chances?

Actually, genre fans say this is a good one. This particular film is in the "teenage werewolf" sub-genre. For me it was kinda OK, I guess, but represented another long evening.


none. We see a tail hanging out from Katherine Isabelle's underpants.
It features two goth sisters, teenage outsiders with a death obsession. They are 16 and 15, but neither one of them has had her period yet. They make a pact to be united forever, but some things happen to the older sister which start the two of them on the road to splitsville.

1) The older girl gets her period, and starts to like the slimy guys they used to make fun of

oh, and 

2) She turns into a werewolf.

I'm not completely sure why the genre lovers thought this was a cut above the usual. They did try to keep the movie a straightforward teen angst flick, adding the lycanthropy as a backdrop, so that the girl's mutation into a wolf was really just a symbol for her outsider status. And there was some humor, although not nearly enough.

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For me, renowned hater of almost all vampire-werewolf-zombie movies, the best element was Mimi Rogers as the comically supportive self-actualizing mother. Mimi is one of those moms who thinks that lycanthropy is just another stage they're going through, and if you've made up your mind that you're going to be a werewolf, dear, you just be the best darn werewolf you can be. 

When dad finds some body parts in the back yard, Mimi says that "it's just one of their little projects". I didn't know that Mimi had such a gift for comedy, but I thought she was terrific.  

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