Gentleman's Bet


by Tuna

Gentleman's Bet provides softcore erotica for the "couples" market in the form of an erotic thriller.

Michael Phencie has it all, a gorgeous wife (Neith Hunter), a home worth eight million dollars, and a business he enjoys - restoring and selling rarities. One day he has a flat tire on the way home from work and a man (Jack Turturici) stops to help him change it. By way of a thank you, he buys the man a few martinis and the two hit it off - until the man proposes a Gentleman's Bet. They will each try to seduce the other's wife. Phencie wants no part of it, but Turturici considers the bet a done deal, and seduces Neith Hunter. Turturici's significant other, Betsy Monroe, suggests a plan to get even, and Phencie arrives at her house to put the plan in motion.

Of course, nothing is as appears above, and the first mystery to be solved is who planned this and how many of the principals are involved. The second mystery is who will get away with it, if anyone.

The plot is derivative, and the narrative structure is such that too much is given away too soon. That being said, the plot is very strong for a couples softcore effort. While you will recognize plot points from Body Heat, and several lesser erotic thrillers as well, at least it makes the effort to create a real film and not just to provide filler between sex acts, and it does so well enough that the film is never boring.

On the erotic side, Neith Hunter is hot and has acting ability as well.

Our Grade:

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Solid "couples erotica"

Gentleman's Bet DVD (1995)

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4.9 IMDB summary (of 10)




  • Full frontal nudity from Betsy Monroe and Neith Hunter
  • Buns from Jack Turturici and Michael Phencie