I Gatto Nero (1980) from Tuna

The Black Cat, AKA Il Gatto Nero, is loosely based on a Poe story of the same name. Horror veteran Patrick Magee plays a man who has psychic powers that he exercises with the help of his cat familiar. When he realizes that the cat is evil and killing people, he poisons and hangs the cat, but the cat comes back to life and controls him. 

Director Lucio Fulci is known for gore, but didn't have much in this film. He has a thing about eyes, and there are countless frames of closeups of eyes. The English village where it is set is picturesque.

The film really didn't do anything for me. There was no suspense, no surprise, and a languid pace. Fulci's horror works were not received well in Italy, but he has found an audience among Euroshock fans in the US.  


Daniela Doria exposes her breasts in a fairly long scene in good light. Doria is half of a young couple murdered early in the film while hiding in a boat house to make out.
Scoop's thoughts:

Wasn't Gatto Nero married to Vanessa Redgrave for a while?

Patrick magee, among many other roles, was the old writer whose wife was raped in A Clockwork Orange

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