Gas Pump Girls (1978) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

The Gas Pump Girls (1978) is not exactly a great movie, but it comes from a genre that I miss, to tell you the truth: inoffensive, light-hearted, R-rated movies with a Hollywood "little guy vs. the bullies/establishment" plot, lots of (attempted) humor, and a high breast count. This isn't a great example of the genre, but can be amusing if you place your brain cells on hold. At one point it even becomes a musical - Kirsten Davis breaks into a surprise song about that time in life when we lose our friends and gain our gas pumps.

Besides, how can you hate a movie which gave Huntz Hall some work?

The plot is simple stuff. A bunch of teenagers help out an old man when a heart attack keeps him from running his tiny mom 'n pop gas station, which is being driven out of business by a modern new super-pumper. It was typical of the quickies churned out in the late 70s and early 80s to feed the burgeoning new market for home video product with appeal to the college-age market (and to fill out the second feature slot at the declining drive-in circuit). Like many of the films of that type, it is located in the summer immediately following high school graduation, that bittersweet time when we enjoy good times with our old friends, always aware that those youthful frolics are laden with an underlying sadness, for many of the gang are about to move away and move apart, and the crowd will never be together again in quite the same way.


This little flick does have some cool elements:

  • It has copious female nudity which has rarely been seen, to my knowledge, since the movie is not available on tape or DVD. (One reader sent me a homemade VHS tape that he created from a subscription cable broadcast)
  • There are fairly interesting stories behind the three women who got topless:
    • Rikki Marin was the wife of the famous professional stoner "Cheech"
    • Here's the IMDb bio on Kirsten Baker: "Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, she worked as an actress in feature films and television, as well as a print model for Cannon Pictures. This led to a modeling career which she pursued into the early 1990s. Circa 1993, Kirsten was no longer acting or modeling; she was employed at an art gallery on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA."
    • Sandy Johnson, who supplied 95% of the nudity by removing her top in several scenes, was a former staplewoman at the Hefmag. (June, 1974)


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not available on home media
  • The flick has a bunch of nostalgia value for you older folks - supporting players include
    • Joe E. Ross - Toody from Car 54 "ooh ... ooh"
    • Wrestler/actor Mike Mazurki
    • former Bowery Boy Huntz Hall
    • Cousin Brucie -  the legendary New York DJ

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