Full Eclipse (1993) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

If you are like me, you've seen plenty of renegade vigilante cop movies and plenty of werewolf movies, but I'll bet this is the only one where the renegade vigilante cops are werewolves. Gimmicky enough premise for you? They're pretty good cops any night, but they can really kick some ass during a full moon. And when there's an eclipse of the full moon - fuggitaboutit!

Of course, it kinda sucks when they get assigned to the day shift, or when they have to speak at those "career days" at the local schools.

Madge: Full Eclipse is a renegade cop movie, and Certs is a breath mint.

Earl: No, it's a werewolf movie, and Certs is a candy mint

announcer: Hold on, there. Don't fight. You're both right. Full Eclipse is a movie where the renegade cops are werewolves, and they enjoy Certs as a snack, as well as to fight off that pesky "doggie breath".

Is it a good movie? Let me put it this way. It's just about exactly as good as it sounds. If you're intrigued by the premise, they execute it reasonably well. I can safely say that it is the Casablanca of Werewolf Cop movies. (You just know they will quote that on their video box someday.)

Actually it is quite strong on atmosphere, visual imagination, and effects, and I did think it was kinda cool that the werewolves exhibited wolf pack behavior, growled at each other occasionally, had an alpha female, etc. That at least showed a touch of imagination.

But it lacks any other virtues. What can I say? Clichéd dialogue, often silly acting, even sillier make-up, over-the-top premise, "passionate, animal" sex scenes where they leave their clothes on, minimal humor, slow pacing, Mario van Peebles, and werewolf cops.  

In addition, you will see: 
  • There are two places where the movie seems to be over, but it just keeps coming back. "Oops, I forgot to tell you. Silver bullets can't kill me during a total eclipse". Then, at a point when it doesn't seem like the end of the film, it is.
  • In the final transformation of the baddie, there is an eclipse of the full moon, which enables him to go beyond the regular werewolf stage and become a super werewolf, sort of like the third game allowed you to become Super Pac-Man. All well and good, except that they couldn't come up with a super werewolf costume, so the top half of his body is a bear suit, and the bottom half is a regular pair of black pants. In stop-motion, you can even see that he's wearing shoes with laces in one scene. (Man, it must be tough to teach those kindergarten werewolves to tie their shoes with claws.) In other words, Van Peebles is battling Gentle Ben in wing tips. 


There is a full frontal view of a completely naked (and stacked) female corpse in the morgue.

Patsy Kensit and Van Peebles have a sex scene, and patsy is seen topless from the side. Unfortunately, Patsy is not exactly Dolly Parton, and the viewer sees only the merest hint of a breast curve, except for one camera angle where a woman with a really muscular back and full breasts is seen body-doubling for Patsy in a werewolf transformation. 

I'm not sure, but I think Patsy is wearing something to bind her breast down in that scene.

In her other sex scene, with Bruce Payne, roughly the same thing happens - we see quite a bit of her chest, but no real hint of a breast. 

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The were ... er .. wolf?


I think most of you will think that the summary sounds cheesy, but if it does sound good to you, the film is technically competent, and even stylish at times, so have a ball. 

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. It's pretty slick, and probably watchable if you're a werewolf movie fanatic. If not, I believe you'll find that it bites more than just a victim or two.

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