Full Body Massage (1995) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

There is quite a famous French movie called La Belle Noiseuse which is four hours long and basically consists of Emmanuelle Beart standing around naked.

The script would look something like this:

Emmanuelle Beart is playing an artist's model. She enters, removes her robe and hangs around naked for about half of the film while she and the artist improvise a discussion about the meaning of life and the nature of art for four hours.

Nice compact script.

How does one bring the excitement of this film to an American audience? No, you can't just show it as is. Americans will not attend four hour movies about anything, let alone the nature of art, and they hate subtitles. Moreover, the Beart nudity has no special appeal since she is virtually unknown in the USA, and there is certainly no outcry to see her naked, sexy though she may be.

Note how brilliantly this classic film was adapted to American audiences. I have come upon the actual script (rough draft) as follows:

Emmanuelle Beart Mimi Rogers is playing an artist's model agent. She enters, removes her robe and hangs around naked for about half of the film while she and the artist her masseuse improvise a discussion about the meaning of life and the nature of art massage for four two hours.

There you have it. The English-language version of La Belle Noiseuse is a made-for-cable film named Full Body Massage. And that is a perfect title, because that is exactly what the film is: Bryan Brown massaging a naked Mimi Rogers for two hours, in focus, in nice clear light, on good film stock. It is exactly what you expect it to be from that description, except for two things:

1) Both Mimi and Bryan have flashbacks in which other people get naked (details in the nudity report).

2) Regrettably, Mimi manages to get through the entire film without ever showing her pubic hair. Her breasts, however, are mammoth.

Your likelihood of boredom is thus directly proportionate to your fascination with Mimi's mammaries. If you can enjoy them bobbing and jiggling for a couple of hours, you have found Valhalla.

Full Body Massage DVD Mimi Rogers (1995)


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  • The DVD has no features, and there is no widescreen version of the film, but the transfer is clear and crisp.
  • Available in America. Click the picture for info.



  • Mimi Rogers - breast and buns for about half of the movie
  • Gabriella Hall - full frontal in a flashback - no face visible, since she's playing the same character as Mimi Rogers
  • Elizabeth Barondes - breasts and bum
  • Christopher Burgard - bum and the side of his penis, partially obscured by his thighs

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Based on this description, this film is a C-, I guess. If you want to see Mimi Rogers get massaged naked (breast and bum) for an hour or more of running time, this provides that clearly, in something close to real time. If that does not appeal to you, there is very little else goin' on.

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