Fugitivas (2000) from Tuna

Fugitivas is basically a buddy/road movie, but with a thriller twist, and strange traveling companions. Laia Marull, her boyfriend, and two other hoods hold up a state lottery sales office. Marull's boyfriend leaves the other two stranded at the scene and goes to his sister's. He is to borrow her car, and take her seven year old daughter, who interferes with her business as a prostitute, to live with the father. The three of them start out, and the two left at the robbery are in pursuit. They stop at a rest stop for the night, and the boyfriend leaves with the cash, stranding Marull and the young girl with no cash and the two ex-partners after them.


Laia Marull shows breasts in the first few minutes of the film in two scenes, and Silvia Espigado shows breasts and buns in the course of her job.
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Marull wants nothing more than to dump the girl anywhere, but, at the same time, feels a kinship with her do to her own difficult childhood.  Only slightly flawed by a predictable ending, this was an entertaining enough film with good technical aspects, and Marull is a real screen presence. She gets lots of work (9 credits in 5 years), and should have a huge career.  

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  • Laia Marull won a best new actress Goya for this film

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Based on this description, this film is a C+, with plenty of pace and excitement.

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