Formula 69 (1984) from Tuna

Formula 69 (1984) is an abysmal hardcore in every way. I looked at it because when I reviewed Toolbox Murders, I had several requests for films featuring Kelly Nichols from her hardcore career. 

Kelly is supposed to be secret agent Jamie Bond in Formula 69. Two lesbians are posing as sex therapists, and have invented a perfume that turns women into dykes and men into Shakespeare-spouting love slaves. Kelly, with the help of her partner, is to stop the Sapphics from taking over the world. Her partner never manages an erection the entire film, despite a good 15 minutes of blow jobs. The actor that plays the head of the agents is so bad, he makes Elvis look like Barrymore.


hardcore sex film
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The film would be worth watching with a group, to make fun of it, if not for the fact that the sound is mushy, with lots of hiss, and is painful to listen to. Give this one a wide berth.

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Based on this description, this film is an F. Poor film, poor quality, lame sex.

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