Forgiving the Franklins


by Tuna

The Franklins are a God-fearing fundamentalist family in middle America. Dad is a partner in a law firm; mom is active with the Christian Parents Association; their son is on the varsity football team; and their daughter is a cheerleader. Mon and dad have thirty seconds of sex every night after their prayers, but both are clothed and keep their eyes closed.

Everything changes when, on the way to a church picnic, they are in an auto accident. Mom, pop and the brother die and meet Jesus, who turns out to a Mexican. He is chopping down crosses because they are a publicity gimmick, and remind him of the worst day of his life. Jesus removes their sense of guilt and sends them back to their lives. Suddenly, they see no issue with nudity; they start a real sex life, including anal play with ice cubes; and the son comes out and has sex with the coach. Their daughter, who did not die in the crash and therefore did not meet Jesus, doesn't approve. Even more critical is the reaction of the mother's best friend and the rest of the good Christian women in their circle of  acquaintance.

I imagine the dark humor would be tough sledding for fundamentalist Christians, but the edgy material is laugh-out-loud funny. Mixed in with the humor is much food for thought. Made for a mere $100K, it looks far better than it had a right to, and the performances are excellent. I enthusiastically recommend this one.


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  • Teresa Willis, as the mother, shows  everything in clear light.




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5.5 IMDB summary (of 10)



Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)