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Forbidden Sins (1998) is a soft-core thriller starring Shannon Tweed as a hotshot defense attorney,  Myles O'Brien as an arresting officer who is not above improving evidence, and is Tweeds ex, and Corbin Timbrook as a wealthy man accused of killing his girlfriend, a stripper in his club. This is a plot you should see unfold for yourself, but it has some twists and turns, and a logical conclusion, which makes it ok as a mystery thriller.


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As a soft-core, the sex scenes are nothing special, but the exposure is not bad. Shannon Tweed shows her breasts briefly in a sex scene near the end. Kirstine Carlstrand shows all three Bs as the murdered dancer, and Amy Lindsay also shows all three Bs as another stripper who sleeps with two of the principals. The nudity in the strip club is better lit than normal. While the soft-core element is weak, the mystery is nearly good enough to hold up without the nudity.

This is another C+, a solid genre effort, the genre being soft-core crime thriller.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+, as an erotic thriller.

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