Forbidden Highway


by Tuna

Before and during the opening credits, the story is completely set up for some plot-driven couples erotica. Francis Cobert is being staked nearly naked to the ground in the desert, and he begins to explain how he got there.

In the first flashback, Kira Reed is doing a rather nasty Mafia type, and as she leaves, she steals his ring and cufflinks. We learn that Kira and Cobert have intertwined fates. They work for the same Russian Mafia type, who in turn answers to the man who lost his ring. Cobert's immediate boss decides to send him to LA to deliver Kira to the big boss in his prize possession, a car. Kira starts off in the trunk, but before you know it Cobert is in Kira, and having all sorts of unhealthy thoughts. Kira eventually takes off with the car, and Cobert hitches to the next town in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Mia Zottoli also works for the Russian, but has ambition, and makes her own cash deal with the big man to deliver the ring. The plot will eventually bring all the principal characters together, but not before lots of hanky-panky.

This is a very solid genre entry. There are four well-known women completely naked in good light having simulated sex. There is also a nifty story, and very good acting by genre standards.






Our Grade:

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Top of the line by genre strandards.


  • Kira Reed, Mia Zottoli, Dee Summer and Tracy Ryan all show everything.


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Made for adult cable.



5.0 IMDB summary (of 10)
Forbidden Highway (1999)

This is only available from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English with Spanish subtitles. Click on the image for details.