Flushed (1998) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Pretty funny, edgy stuff.

It's really not a movie and not a piece of stand-up, but something in between.

The action takes place entirely in two rooms - the men's room and the woman's room of a dance club. The action takes place nearly in real time, as people wander in an out, talking about:

  • their self-image
  • sex
  • masturbation
  • what terms they use for their genitalia and those of the opposite sex
  • the problems inherent in performing necessary bodily functions in an unclean public place full of drunks
  • relationships with the opposite sex in general and in the specifics of their current partner.
It's not a traditional movie in that there's no continuing plot, and we are not asked to identify with the characters. Although some of the people return for various reasons, there is nothing which makes us wonder about anyone's return.


I laughed a lot at the dialogue, and I thought the male discussions were true to life. I can't speak for the female part, but I read that the dialogue in this film was all based on real conversations, and I'm willing to believe it.

The movie was finished in 1998, but really hasn't gotten any distribution nibbles. If it could get into theaters near college campuses, it might become a cult favorite.

not yet available on DVD or video
Unbelievably enough, there is a web site dedicated to this film! h

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