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I'm not sure if you Hitchcock fans will love this extension of the master's genre, or be appalled at the blatant rip-off the the great man's techniques. The climax is staged on a crumbling lighthouse, at night, in a storm, with people clinging to railings, with the raging sea and rocks far below. Several shots in this movie are shot straight down of almost straight down from a dizzying height. You'll see some of that in the caps. Tuna didn't like it much, but I thought the movie was pretty darned cool, although I still don't know exactly what was going on. It's one of those with continuous twists and turns, and I didn't even understand the last one. You need to keep a flow chart to keep track of it all.
Gere is a psychiatrist. His patient, Uma Thurman, suggests that he meet with her sister to help unravel blocked memories from their childhood. Her sister turns out to be Kim Basinger, so Gere drops his initial reluctance and proceeds to play hide the kielbasa with Kim, as any of us would have done, given the same opportunity. As it turns out, Kim herself needs Gere and his contacts as support for a medical condition known as "pathological intoxication", which she intends to use as an alibi for ... 


Kim Basinger is seen topless in an extended sex scene.
What is Uma's real role in the entire plot? How much is real and how much is artifice? Did Uma make up her entire past as part of Kim's master plot? Or is someone else besides Kim pulling the strings? Are either of them telling the truth? Gere has to use his head to sort through all the stings and counter-stings.

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Quite a spectacularly filmed movie. Not only attractive, but plenty of things like gothic angles and over-the-shoulder POV shots of people running. Completely Hitchcockian, like it or leave it. 

For me, grade B Hitchcock is still pretty good entertainment. If only someone with a bit more animation and color than Gere had been in the shrink role! He is really just kind of a generic guy, isn't he? Great looking guy, delivers a line competently, nothing really wrong with him, but no noteworthy unique characteristics, no charisma, no real personality in his characterizations. He's just there. You don't remember one thing about his character after the movie has finished. If Brando has too many eccentricities in his portrayals, Gere seems to have none at all, which is equally unrealistic. 

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  • General consensus: three stars. Ebert 2.5/4, Maltin 2.5/4 

  • nominated for three Razzies, including worst actress (Kim Basinger), worst film, and worst screenplay

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  • With their votes ... IMDB summary: IMDb voters score it 5.6 
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Based on this description, I guess it's a C+. Excessively complicated but interesting tale of set-up and double-cross, well filmed in the Hitchcock manner . Tuna says, "While I love a great thriller, I tend to be very critical of lesser ones, and this was a chore for me, but the proper score is probably C. A good enough thriller for those that like them."

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