Fear No Evil (1981) from Tuna

Fear No Evil (1981) is a typical "Satan is incarnated as a gay High School student who seems to eat golden retriever blood, and is opposed by three archangels, a dead priest, a pushy old woman, and a high school girl who dreams only of him" film. 


The nudity is breast exposure from an upstate New York chick named Roslyn Gugino,who had never acted before (and still hasn't) playing the part of the girl who shows her breasts.

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not recommended

As if this isn't enough, the music is putrid, the transfer is grainy and out of focus, the plot makes little sense, and rather than writing an ending, they just added a bunch of laser effects.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 3.7/10, which is way too high.


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Based on this description, it's an E-. Give this one a VERY wide berth.

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