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Fatal Frames (1996) is now my choice for the worst human experience containing photography or characters.

I really tried to watch it, but, after the first 30 minutes, I had to fast forward through it for the exposure. An American director is brought to Rome to make a rock video for Stefania Stella (played by Stefania Stella). At the same time, someone is making snuff films, and all of the victims are women known to the American. Stella speaks in very broken English, but that is only a minor distraction compared to trying to follow the plot, and the real low point of the film is the photography.

We have about four "styles" of lighting/photography:
  • Hand held blue
  • Hand held orange
  • Hand held grainy B&W
  • Oversaturated color


Stefania Stella was seen "naked" (breasts and buns) in a blue filtered sex scene, but she is wearing thong underwear!
I could see no pattern to the choices of lighting, other than the snuff stuff was in grainy B&W, and was very graphic. The killer Ginzues the women with a machete. I can think of absolutely nothing good to say about this film.

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Scoop's notes:

This movie was nominated as "best picture" in the International Fantasy Film Award at Fantasporto. It was narrowly edged out by David Fincher's "Se7en". Also nominated was "Lawnmower Man 2". Man, Fincher was lucky to pull that one out, eh?

Actually, there were some other pretty good films screened. The best actor and actress, for example, were Rupert Everett and Helena Bonham Carter. I guess they just had a very eclectic selection.

I wonder if the director of this film demanded a recount. If not for those dimpled chads, he could have taken Fincher down.

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