Fallen Angel


by Tuna

"I was sitting on my favorite stool, nursing a double of Kentucky's finest, and dreaming about the girl I left behind me. I was good at it. It is all I had been doing since getting out of Army Intelligence after the big one, and hanging out a shingle as a private dick. The Los Angeles air was muggy, and had an odor that told me trouble was coming -- the sort of trouble only a dame can cause. Then she walked in the door with a face cute as a fortune cookie and the kind of legs that go all the way up. She was looking for a man. When two sailors tried to volunteer, she easily returned them to their seats. She was looking for me.

She slipped me a c-note to come outside and talk to her boss. Her boss was blonde, and all class. She told me a story of a husband about to kill her for life insurance money, then she dropped the bombshell. He was the head of the L. A. Mafia. Sure, I was interested in the dame, who wouldn't be, but I was interested in many more evenings in my favorite stool too. I told her to take a hike.

The next day while I was rubbing a hangover out of my eyes and drowning it with a beer, she walked into my office with a shiner. Seems she had gone home early and caught her husband with a hooker. If she thought this would change my mind, she overestimated my death wish. I was placing a bet based on a hot tip in the 6th, when she told me my horse didn't have a chance. She told me a different nag would win, and bet me big money against me taking her case. We went to the track to watch. Don't bet against a Mafia wife when her husband has a horse in the race. She won the bet -- I never welch -- so I was on her payroll.

The first step was to find out what he was up to, and while he was off nailing a new canary at one of his clubs, I searched his office. He had just hired a lowlife -- one who could and would do what she thought her husband wanted done.

Maybe she really was in trouble, but there was no doubt I was."

That's the way the lead character might have described this bit of couples erotica in the form of a noir detective thriller set in LA just after WW II. Only two things keep it from being a mainstream effort. First, the sex scenes are a little long for a standard detective story;  second, some of the acting could be better. Nonetheless, the plot is very strong, and the set design and costuming evoke the proper era and mood.

The cinematography is particularly impressive. In the opening scene, the hero is dreaming about his prewar girlfriend. The director went with a lovely desaturated look to indicate a flashback, and it was highly effective.

Overall, a surprisingly good noir thriller which also happens to be a softcore sex film. Given that there are brief pube closeups and extensive full frontal nudity, I can't award more than a high C+ on our grading system, because it just won't crossover to your religious granny even if she loves Bogart,  but the grade goes with my enthusiastic recommendation. If you want a little flesh in the context of a plot, and enjoy softcore films, this is an  excellent bet.


  • Samantha Phillips, as the dame in distress, shows everything.
  • Ai Wan, as her bodyguard, shows everything.
  • Amanda Colville, as the torch singer, shows breasts.
  • Simona Votypkova, as the pre war girlfriend, shows everything as do hookers Alice Kohiakovska and Kira Reed.


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Made for adult cable


4.3 IMDB summary (of 10)


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 Fallen Angel (1997)

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