Eyes of a Stranger


by Tuna

As the film opens, a nature photographer finds a topless woman's corpse in the water in a mangrove swamp. News reporter Lauren Tewes seems more upset when reporting the death than you would expect. We soon learn why. Her baby sister was once abducted, beaten and molested, and she blamed herself. The sister, Jennifer Jason Leigh, has grown into a lovely young woman who lives with her, but is blind, deaf and dumb as a result of her trauma. Lauren has sworn that nothing will ever happen to her again.

As the killing spree continues, Lauren becomes convinced that the killer is a man who lives in the same high-rise complex she does, but in a tower opposite her. She takes it upon herself to investigate, breaking into his apartment, gathering evidence, and then harassing him by phone the same way he has harassed his victims. Her relationship with her sister has kept her and her boyfriend from moving in together, and he also proves reluctant to help her prove her neighbor is guilty. You are probably way ahead of me, and realize that the big finale will involve the guy, Lauren Tewes and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The film is predictable, but not without some appeal.  It offers the first screen nudity from Jennifer Jason Leigh (her only exposure before Fast Times), and gives us a chance to see Julie from The Love Boat in a meatier role.

Our Grade:

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Eyes of a Stranger meets all genre requirement for strangler thrillers and offers some guilty pleasures.


  • Jennifer Jason Leigh, in her first credited role, shows her right breast in two scenes.
  • Gwen Lewis, as an early victim, shows breasts
  • Stella Rivera and two unknowns show breasts.


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4.7 IMDB summary (of 10)


* widescreen