Tinto Brass presents Erotic Short Stories (2000)

 by Tuna

Erotic Short Stories, or CORTI CIRCUITI EROTICI, is a set of four disks, each of which contains three shorts in the Italian language. The collection came about as the result of an erotic film festival held by the legendary director of erotica, Tinto Brass. He picked his favorite twelve from more than 500 entries, and put them on DVD. Eleven of them run about 30 minutes each and had never been seen before. The twelfth runs about an hour and was released previously on its own disk. Although this project is ambitious and the collection has been supervised by Brass, its existence is not widely known.

Nudity summaries are included in the plot recaps.

Disk One

  • Guilia is the only story that runs a full 60 minutes. It was made in 1999, and was released previously on its own disk. It concerns a young, free-spirited dance student. When everyone in her class except her is told they are going to Rome to perform, she is not happy. She vows she will also go. Next stop is her drama coach, who makes some pretext to get her naked and tries the old casting couch routine. She tells him tomorrow night will be his lucky one, and to meet her at an address. The address ends up being a live sex show where she is the star. She invites her drama coach to participate, but he chickens out. After the show, we cut to the next morning, where she wakes up in bed with her girlfriend. It is there that she learns why she is not scheduled for Rome. Her sex show partner is also sleeping with her male dance instructor. She visits them, screws her sex partner, and somehow insures her trip to Rome. The highlight there is her stripping naked and pissing against a wall in the basement of the Vatican. An amazing fiery redhead, Anna Biella, plays Guilia. She not only shows everything, but strokes her partner during the sex stage show, and the oral sex is within a mm of being hard core, or possibly it is.
  • A Magic Mirror tells the story of a narcissistic husband and his long-suffering young wife. They have moved into a new apartment. She is unpacking, and he his lounging in the bath, and requiring her to wait on him hand and foot. When his brother comes over to deliver a new wall mirror, he talks the brother into mounting it on the wall. The brother makes a pass at the young wife, as he has secretly wanted to do for years, and she tells him to return when hubby leaves. The girl is played by Loredana Cannata, who shows breasts and buns.
  • I am the Way You Want Me is a solo performance by Fiorella Rubino. She is in a bathroom, and is following her master's instructions, which include polishing her nails, trimming her bush with a straight razor, putting on a wet white shirt, kneeling under the running shower, licking milk from a plate, and sticking two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. I have no problem with any of that. but would love to know how someone figures out that is what will turn them on. Fiorella Rubino shows everything in this performance.


Disk Two

  • In Voyeur, a young couple checks into a hotel. They proceed to seduce the chambermaid, while the desk clerk watches over closed circuit. It is only when he goes home to his wife with a raging erection that we find out why he was so interested. The chambermaid is played by Raffaella Ponzo, who shows everything.
  • Quattro is the story of two men who go to the red light district in search of something different. One winds up with a transsexual, the other with a normal hooker. The pre-surgery transsexual and the hooker both show everything.
  • Bendetta Trasgressione is the story of a man who runs into his ex-wife in public. She is looking hot, and he admits that when they were married, he fantasized about watching her being double penetrated by two guys. That sounds like her idea of fun, so she picks up two more guys, and takes all three home. The woman, played by Sonia Topazio, shows everything.


Disc Three

  • Weekend in Lecco has Silvia Rossi visiting her old friend Alessandra Alberti for the weekend. Obviously old lovers, the engage in a little master/slave play, Alberti ties Rossi to the bed, and then she has her gardener take Rossi. Much fun is had by all. Silvia Rossi does full frontal and rear. Alessandra Alberti eventually shows all three Bs, but not at the same time.
  • Hold My Wrists Tight is easily the kinkiest of this three. Emanuela Nay is secretary/nurse to a chiropractor. When his afternoon client, a nun played by Erika Saffo Savastani, is with him, she becomes bored, and decides to stuff click-clacks up her snatch and take a Zerox. When the machine jams, she calls Fast Copy Repair, and who shows up but Barbara Zaratin, who retrieves the photocopy, then attends to the real thing. Nay returns the compliment. Meanwhile, the action between the Chiropractor and the nun is getting decidedly kinky, with her strapped to a table, and manipulated by him. Erika Saffo Savastani shows her right breast and bush. Emanuela Nay shows her bush, and Barbara Zaratan shows all three Bs.
  • In Ladybird, Francesca Nunzi has a sperm donor over to leave a sample. The "grey miniture trash can" doesn't inspire him, nor does the bathroom. They try music, phone sex, and even a strip tease, but nothing is working. They finally find a simpler way to get the sperm where it needs to be. Ladybird, for my money, is the class of this trio, not for exposure, but for welcome humor. Francesca Nunzi shows all three Bs.


Disk Four

  • Improper Liaisons, or Rapporti Impropri is the story of a college girl, Victoria di Stefano, whose mother has just died, She goes to live for a while with her favorite uncle and his family. She and the uncle, and she and her male cousin are close. Her uncle's new wife takes to her quickly, but her female cousin resents her. First she seduces the male cousin, then the mother, than the girl cousin's boyfriend, then finally the uncle. This is finally too much for the female cousin, who leaves for boarding school. leaving a happy family. Both Victoria di Stefano and an unidentified actress (playing the aunt) show everything.
  • The Last Subway, or Ultimo Metro, is a simple story. A couple of friends see a young woman leave a subway restroom. Her skirt back is caught in her panties. One of them tells her. The two guys end up on the platform across from the girl. One of the guys catches his train. The other starts flirting with the girl across the tracks. She decides to strip and masturbate for him. Deborah Calý, as the girl, shows everything, including her labia.
  • Dreams, or Sogno, stars the lovely Yulia Mayarchuk. She walks to a secluded beach, changes into her bikini in the open, then lies down for a nap. Her dreams are in special effects colors, some of them quite effective. She is running and running, harasses a truck driver with a light load of apples, gets into a VW with a guy, and they drive to a "restaurant," which is actually an open wheat field with one big tree. The water is bottomless, and the couple strips and has sex. Not a bad lunch, I suppose. While this is happening in her dream, she also gets naked on the beach, and wakes up to a disapproving crowd. Yulia Mayarchuk shows everything.

Guilia, the longest story and the only one released elsewhere, is the class of the twelve stories, but the other eleven present a rich variety of different styles and themes, covering many different fetishes. The collection is thus highly recommended for those who like couples softcore. There is some explicit content, but it is softened by the context, and there is none of the repetitious in-and-out of hardcore porn. Some of the stories are humorous, others are sweet, and the scripts range from satisfactory to excellent. This entire set is absolutely the top of the line for couples erotica, and the four-disk series is the best such collection I have ever seen.

This complete set is available from RLDVDs.com in four all-region PAL disks in Italian with optional English subtitles. These disks are well worth the cost.

Erotic Short Stories, Part 1Erotic Short Stories, Part 2Erotic Short Stories, Part 3Erotic Short Stories, Part 4

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Based on this description, this collection is a C++++. It may be the best collection of "couples erotica" ever issued.

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