The Erotic Mirror (2002) from Tuna

The Erotic Mirror is one of the better Surrender Cinema offerings. It sports some lovely photography, eight completely naked women, a little plot, and some comedy. At two hours, it is also one of their longer films. 

In the 20 minute long, nudity-free opening sequence, a young couple comes back from the city to their home town to vacation in her mother's house while mom is traveling. The entire sequence is beautifully filmed in warm natural light aided by filters, and a pleasant soft focus. The plot kicks in in earnest when they stop off in an antique store, and she discovers a mirror that makes her horny. Of course she has to buy it. The thing is, the mirror doesn't make her want her husband, but rather herself and other women.

The antique store owner supplies the back story for the mirror, which belonged to the 100 year old plus madame of a local brothel who was trapped in the mirror with her jewels when locals burned her out. The better her orgasm, the more she sees the woman in the mirror, and she starts involving her doctor, old school friends, and finally a fortune teller in the sex to try and release the lady in the mirror. If this sounds like a setup for the usual Seduction Cinema women having the usual Seduction Cinema simulated sex with each other, you have been paying attention to my other reviews.

The good photography and lighting continued after the opening sequence. Night is designated using the standard blue tint, but not nearly as darkly as usual. One of these changes to a daytime shot with the same wonderful, warm, natural light as the opening sequence. In some of the outdoor sex scenes, they even went to the trouble of using a highlight light for the women's hair, just like a standard portrait studio setup with five lights. The film concludes with a seven girl orgy, and then a neat little surprise.

The film was too long for the plot and the similar sex scenes became tedious, but the photography was very nice for a soft-core effort, and eight completely naked women fondling each other certainly meets genre expectations.


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The beautiful Laurie Wallace played the lead, and was in every sex scene, including masturbation, sex with her doctor (A. J. Khan), sex with old school chums Misty Mundae and Esmerelda DellaRoca, another friend of a friend, Laura Renee and the fortune teller, Jade Duboir. The woman in the mirror, Darian Caine, joins in in the final orgy. All gave "three B" performances, as did Mistress Rheanon, in a comedy appearance as a nurse/receptionist. She accentuated her bizarre appearance (with boobs much bigger than my head) by using fish lips lipstick.

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