Entre las piernas  (1999) from Tuna

Entre las piernas (1999), or Between Your Legs, is a Spanish thriller staring Victoria Abril, Javier Bardem and Carmelo Gómez.

As the film opens, a man returns home from a business trip, gives his daughter a stuffed animal, and the baby sitter puts her to bed. Then the baby sitter changes clothes in full view of him, he ravishes her, and the daughter wakes up and starts hitting him with a sharp object. Cut to a therapy session led by him for sex addicts. It is there that we meet some of the main characters.


Cristina Brondo as the baby sitter shows breasts in a lengthy scene, Victoria Abril shows a breast through a sheer bra, and some unknown actresses show breasts in some secret tapes that the screenwriter's partner is selling.

Bardem is a successful screen writer, who is addicted to phone sex. Abril is the wife of a police detective, who takes her dog for a walk in the park every morning, and screws a random stranger. What better place for two compatible sex adducts to meet than a sexaholics anonymous meeting? They leave together, and begin what will blossom into a relationship. Meanwhile, Bardem discovers that tapes of his phone sex are for sale all over the city, and a body is discovered in the trunk of a car. Guess whose husband is assigned to investigate the death? The victim was a wannabe screen writer, who, of course, knew Bardem.

Gómez catches on that his wife is seeing Bardem, and also suspects him of the murder. Meanwhile, we learn that the victim was involved in the tapes, and that Bardem's partner was selling them. The partner also just happened to be shacked up with Bardem's ex-wife. Then there is a plot element that I couldn't make fit anywhere. One of Gómez's colleagues, whose wife left him for another man, tried to get back together with her after the two were in a car crash where he died and she lost a foot. She rejects him, so he shoots her, then kills herself.

Currently available only on region 2 DVD

While I have become a huge fan of Spanish cinema, which is clearly world class, I do not get Spanish thrillers, and this is no exception. 

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Based on this description, C. This is well photographed, but did not seem very thrilling to me, which is a major flaw in a thriller.

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