Embryo (1976) from Tuna

Embryo (1976) is a grade Z sci-fi flick starring Rock Hudson.  It could easily be thought of as a Frankenstein remake.

Rock plays a scientist who had given up research after the death of his wife. He hits a dog one night, and brings it home to try and save its life. He is unable to save the adult dog, but manages to succeed in raising a very tiny unborn pup using techniques from his research, including an experimental drug used to accelerate aging. The technique works so well that he decides to try it on a human fetus. It works again, creating Barbara Carrera, who grows to adulthood in a few days. Unfortunately, her accelerated aging doesn't stop, so Rock finally has to resort to a dangerous and addictive drug to return her aging to normal. When this seems to work, he begins teaching her, and finds that, not having been subjected to the societal pressures of growing up, she uses 100% of her brain and learns nearly instantly, but has little emotion or empathy. When her accelerated aging returns, she becomes obsessed with stopping it, and becomes a murderer.

Naturally, the scientist and his creation also fall in love.

This is bad science, bad fiction, bad acting, and a terrible transfer, winning one of the few F scores I have ever awarded.



  • no features
  • atrocious transfer
  • not recommended



Carrera shows breasts and buns, which you can almost see, in this terrible transfer of what was probably a horribly dark film to begin with.

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Based on this description, this is an F. As bad as it gets.

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