Down the Barrel (2003) from Tuna

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It is the story of a young woman, Tara Price, who escapes an abusive stepfather and comes to Hollywood to become a star. Her first day, a street bum steals her suitcase with everything she owns. A starving, tortured artist, Matthew Grant Godbey, offers her a place to stay. He is not without problems of his own, which include gambling debts, a history as a gay prostitute, and a former lover who is powerful, connected, and wants him back. One of his creditors owns a strip club, but is in debt to the former lover, who applies pressure on him to get Godbey back. Eventually, Tara Price is forced to work at the strip club. She narrates the story from behind jail cell bars.

Also look for Luke Perry of 90210 fame as Godbey's best friend, and a gay male hooker.


Jade shows breasts and buns as a hooker in the strip club. 

This is a real stinker start to finish. Price eventually warms to the role, but Godbey won't ever let her close to him, and is a sleaze, such that you can't identify with and root for him. The 4/3 transfer is nothing special, and I found the ending especially irritating.

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