Doomsdayer (1999) from Tuna

Doomsdayer (1999) is a zero budget James Bond type film that is mostly explosions, stunts and hand-to-hand fighting, with little plot and even  less character development. 


Both women (names in aqua) show buns, part of a breast, and Jago shows what could be full  frontal or some skin colored panty
 The bad guy is going to use some magic machine to make all nuclear reactors melt down, so he can save the world by killing most of the population and letting those remaining start over with great hindsight. Our hero (Joe Lara), of course, is to stop them. Along the way, he meets up with old flame January Isaacs (IMDB calls her Sarah Gomez, which she used briefly at the start of her career, and has no idea who January Isaacs is, even though they list her), and is then taken in tow by Alexa Jago, who turns out to be a spy.

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The film is mostly technically competent, and January Isaacs is fiery and exotic with some acting ability, but, with this plot and budget, they never had a chance. 

Scoop's notes: I haven't seen it, but it stars Udo Kier and Brigitte Nielsen. Pretty much says it all.

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. If you are a total action addict, you might enjoy this.

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