The Dirty Mind of Young Sally (1970) from Tuna

Two women emerged as stars from the Cordova Street bandits, despite the producers' and directors' best efforts to keep that from happening. The idea was that if they got too popular and famous, they would be hard to get for a film, and would expect more money. The two who were able to use exploitation softcore as stepping stones to genre stardom were Renee Bond, who went on to a long hardcore career, and Sharon Kelly.

Her 70+ roles include porn classics, such as Talk Dirty to Me 3, Taboo V and Animal in Me, but she is best known for her work in Alice Goodbody ("Who do I have to fuck to get out of this movie?")  and The Boob Tube. This particular film is Sharon Kelly's signature performance, and she must have 10 minutes of gorgeous full-frontal showing off her flaming red bush.

In this film, she hosts a pirate radio sex show three times a day, supposedly to raise money for someone to have a kidney transplant. The cops are after her, and people all over town are getting off to her broadcasts. Things heat up when she starts having live sex on the air.

The film was directed by genre fixture Bethal G. Buckalew, and was produced by the king schlockmeister, Harry Novak.


In addition to Sharon Kelly, several unknowns also expose everything they have, including some gyno shots.

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Details to the right. The DVD also includes another feature starring Sharon Kelly, and an erotic short from the same era. 

The Dirty Mind Of Young Sally (1970) is the latest DVD from Something Weird Video, and is the best thing they have released this year. The transfer is top notch, the sex scenes sizzle and I can't believe how much beaver and pickle Harry got into a film in 1970. While I couldn't detect a single frame proving penetration, I am not convinced all of the orgasms were simulated. This has become one of my three favorite Something Weird releases, joining The Erotic Adventures of Zorro and Bluebeard.

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